Carberry Botanicals

Know Yourself Level 1 – Online 5 Workshop Series (Summer)


Learn to stop working against yourself by discovering your natural unchanging patterns in 5 transformative workshops. You've been taught to conform but these natural reflexive patterns are so much part of you that you don't even have to try, this is how you unleash your natural genius. This course teaches you to discover this and to recognise the patterns of others. You will discover that you are already unique & individual, you don't even need to try. Alex the author of the popular Know Yourself book series will teach you how. 


Why Choose Us

Artisan Crafted
Alchemical, handmade & crafted botanicals in small batches just for you.

Natural Healing Support
We are committed teaching natural healing and changing the world one person at a time

Know Yourself
With a constitutional approach your healing comes from holistic knowledge and support, by understanding your psychology & your body

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