Tonic Herbalism is about maximising wellness, because often healthcare is utterly illness focussed, and so once symptoms disappear, this is considered wellness. Tonic herbalism focusses not upon making the client symptom free but instead focusses upon building radiant health. It is about supporting people to manifest their inherent eagerness and zest for life. When that happens we experience our capacity to focus, enact what we envision and just enjoy life. We at Carberry Botanicals call this a strong energetic, resilient libido.

Medical Herbalist Alex Carberry BSc. established Carberry Botanicals in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst working on a tonic to treat his Long-COVID symptoms. 

He hand-crafts artisan, herbal tonics, elixirs and medicines. We are passionate about medicine, vitality and healing, that enables wellness, vitality and vigour. 

At Carberry Botanicals we combine 5 great herbal medicinal traditions to craft our tonics and medicines.

  1. Unani Tibb
  2. Traditional Western Herbalism
  3. Amazonian Medicine
  4. Ayurvedic Medicine
  5. Chinese Medicine

Our apothecary holds over 100 herbs and so we lock Alex in with his hundred plus herbs so that tonic magic happens.