Holistic Wellness Solutions

At Carberry Botanicals, we are dedicated to enhancing your well-being through a holistic approach to health. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes enlightening courses such as "Know Yourself: discover your true nature I," designed to empower you on your personal journey. Additionally, explore our selection of revitalizing herbal products and tonics, including Vitalising Bitters and Lower Bowel Tonic, crafted to nourish your body and mind. You can also connect with us by booking an appointment for personalized consultations.


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Who Are We

Tonic Herbalism is about maximising wellness, because often healthcare is utterly illness focussed, and so once symptoms disappear, this is considered wellness. Tonic herbalism focusses not upon making the client symptom free but instead focusses upon building radiant health. It is about supporting people to manifest their inherent eagerness and zest for life. When that happens we experience our capacity to focus, enact what we envision and just enjoy life. We at Carberry Botanicals call this a strong energetic, resilient libido.

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Why Choose Us

Artisan Crafted
Alchemical, handmade & crafted botanicals in small batches just for you.

Natural Healing Support
We are committed teaching natural healing and changing the world one person at a time

Know Yourself
With a constitutional approach your healing comes from holistic knowledge and support, by understanding your psychology & your body