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Know Yourself Coaching Session


Know Yourself coaching: Discover your genius, transform your life

Know Yourself coaching teaches you to discover and work with your unique talents and genius. In these guided sessions, you will explore, reflect on, and understand your impulses and psychological patterns. You will also learn tools to work with these patterns in a way that supports your growth and development.

Know Yourself coaching builds on the foundation of the Know Yourself book series, teaching you how to apply the lessons you learned to:

  • Discover your genius
  • Improve your relationships
  • Develop deep, balanced, and integrated wisdom
  • Transform your life

Why Choose Us

Artisan Crafted
Alchemical, handmade & crafted botanicals in small batches just for you.

Natural Healing Support
We are committed teaching natural healing and changing the world one person at a time

Know Yourself
With a constitutional approach your healing comes from holistic knowledge and support, by understanding your psychology & your body

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